Biosafety Permits

Why do I need a Biosafety Permit?

As a component of licensure under the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act an academic institution must document an Administrative Oversight Plan to control the use of pathogens. In order to hold a U of M biosafety permit you must be an appropriately trained investigator appointed to the University and supervised by a department head, director or dean.

At the University of Manitoba a biosafety permit is used to register a PI's:

The permit also documents the PI's overarching risk assessment for their facilities and their work. 

**Any changes (eg new personnel, rooms, BSCs etc.) must be amended on your biosafety permit within 30 days of the change** 

In addition, a researcher must hold a valid U of M biosafety permit to be eligible to apply for an Internal Biosafety Project Approval Certificate (BPAC) which is required to release grant funds from the U of M Office of Research Services. 

What kind of biosafety permit do I need?

At the time of application a permit will be assigned one of four levels of containment depending on the risk group and containment level requirements for the biological agents intended for use.  Those four levels of containment are described below however; risk group and containment level 4 work is not permitted at the University as there are no facilities available to accommodate work at this level of  risk.

To apply for a Biosafety Permit:

  1. To obtain your User ID and password  for the EHSA database, complete and submit the New Principal Investigator Lab Registration Form
  2. Biosafety Permit Applications are submitted through our secure web-accessible Environmental Health and Safety Assistant database.
  3. Once login information has been obtained please refer to Detailed Instructions for Completing the Biosafety Permit Questionnaire and Bioagent Inventories

Note: For Initial Applications and Renewals, the required Department/Unit signatures refer to the location where the work will take place.

To Terminate a Biosafety Permit:

  1. Submit a termination request through the EHSA database (similar to how you would submit an amendment)
  2. Fill out and submit a Biosafety Permit Declaration of Decommissioning form to document the decommissioning of lab spaces, destruction/transfer of biological agents and termination of a biosafety permit.

For Permit Application Assistance:  Contact Vanessa Pinto or call (204) 789-3477.