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Electronic Bid Submissions expanding to Construction Tenders
The Bonfire tendering tool for the University of Manitoba construction tenders is LIVE effective December 2, 2015. Purchasing Services will no longer be accepting any new bids, quotes, proposals or tenders by paper or personal delivery - only by electronic means through Bonfire (sealed envelope submissions of prior tenders issued outside Bonfire will be accepted as stated in submission instructions).

Please contact Olusegun Daodu for more details at or Tel: (204) 474-8732.
More information on Bonfire is available at

Bonfire Webinar of October 15, 2015 - Questions & Answers

Please use the links below to find more information on providing goods and services to the University of Manitoba.

Listing of Current Bid and Tender Opportunities

Bid Results
Construction Stipulated Sum Tender Awards over $250,000

Construction RFP's and Non-Stipulated Sum Tender Awards over $250,000

Contractor Pre-Qualification
Application for Pre-Qualification (General / Trades)

Pre-Qualified Contractors Listings
General Contractors





Fire Protection

Civil / Underground

Pre-Qualified Masonry Contractors for Masonry Repairs Projects for Bannatyne Campus

Pre-Qualified Glazing Service Contractors
Glazing Service

Pre-Qualified Interior Signage Suppliers
Interior Signage Supplier Listings
Pre-Qualification Application for Interior Signage

Pre-Qualified Environmental Consulting Services
Pre-Qualified Environmental Consultants
Pre-Qualification Application for Environmental Consulting Services

Graphic Design Pre-Qualification
Pre-Qualification Application for Graphic Designers
Pre-Qualified Graphic Designer Listings

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - valid for all Purchase Orders issued to suppliers.

Standard Contract Terms and Conditions - valid for all contracts unless the supplier has signed a separate contract agreement with the University

Best Value Procurement at the University

Non Resident Contractors 
If a Contractor is a non-resident of Canada (including, an individual, sole proprietor, organization, corporation or partnership) supplying services within Canada, the University is required to withhold fifteen percent (15%) of the payment(s) pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) unless the Contractor has obtained and provided to the University, prior to the payment being issued, a CRA Waiver indicating that the University is not required to withhold tax on behalf of the Contractor. More information can be found at:

CRA Waiver Application
Tax treatment of non-residents who perform services in Canada