President's Fund

Every gift you give to the University of Manitoba will assist our students. But an unrestricted gift to the President's Fund allows the university to put your donation where it is needed most.

The University of Manitoba's President's Fund, which is an unrestricted fund, enables President and Vice-Chancellor David Barnard to allocate funding to areas essential to the university's success. In the ever-changing environment of post-secondary education, the President's Fund provides critical resources to address the immediate priorities of today, while building a stable foundation for a bright future. This unparalleled flexibility builds on existing efforts, creates new opportunities, and opens doors.

Frequently Asked Questions About the President's Fund

Q: Why is the President's Fund so important?
A: New challenges and opportunities are always emerging, and gifts to the President's Fund will help the University of Manitoba meet the exciting times ahead with confidence. This important fund gives the university the flexibility to address its most pressing needs, while at the same time allows for the chance to seize the opportunities as they arise.

In short, the President's Fund will allow the University of Manitoba to meet the challenges of its environment and serve the interests of society, while remaining true to its driving principles as outlined by the university's strategic plan.

Q: What types of initiatives will the President's Fund support?
A: Your gift to the President's Fund will be used to support continuing and emerging priorities that will have the greatest impact on the University of Manitoba's ability to advance teaching, research, and service to the community.

Making a Difference
By contributing to the President's Fund, you can improve the lives of students and help create opportunities for success. Your gift to this valuable fund directly impacts campus life, learning environments, and quality of education, and it will ensure our students continue to excel. Through your gift, the University of Manitoba can continue to build on its strength as one of Canada's leading post-secondary institutions, and make a significant impact on the lives of Manitobans, Canadians and the world.

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