Space Master Plan (Fort Garry)


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Space is a precious and finite resource in the majority of academic institutions. With the costs of buildings, renovating, operating and maintaining post-secondary educational space at an all-time high, the University of Manitoba is committed to moving forward in their growth & development in a more efficient, consistent, flexible and sustainable way. This is critical to long-term advancement of the University’s mission statements and goals, and to its financial stability.

The University hired an external consultant, Educational Consulting Services (ECS) to conduct an extensive review of our campus space and how it is utilized. Through exhaustive interviews, questionnaires & facility tours, ECS has created a Space Master Plan (SMP) that will guide the development and use of our institution’s spaces and building assets. While the focus of a campus master plan is on land use and the overall physical organization of a campus, the focus of a SMP is the optimization of the use of existing buildings and of the spaces they provide. Understanding how our buildings function for the current occupants and usages will provide us with a very clear picture on how to effectively move forward. The Fort Garry Space Master Plan was completed in early 2015.