Space Inventory Project

The Campus Planning Office is currently undertaking a Space Inventory of all campus facilities to update the University space database, a valuable resource that supports university planning initiatives. The space inventory will verify room function and departmental units, and will assess floor plan accuracy. The process will result in updated space records and floorplans to ensure University architects, space planners and engineers have accurate information when working on projects.  As part of the process, the space inventory team will visit all University spaces and rooms including laboratories, offices, teaching rooms, and common areas. The Campus Planning Office will coordinate site visits with each University unit in advance in order to minimize disruptions.

All of the information gathered during site visits will be entered into the database where spaces will be classified as per the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) standards; a space classification tool that is used as a base standard by many Canadian Universities.  Once the data entry phase is complete, an inventory review package will be forwarded to each Unit for review and confirmation of the use and space assignments listed in the database.  During the review, we will ask each Unit to highlight any information that appears inaccurate and provide comments to the Campus Planning Office.  Review packages will be ready for some units in December 2016, extending until summer 2017.  We anticipate that the space inventory project will be complete by Fall 2017.

The Campus Planning Office looks forward to working collaboratively with each University unit during this space inventory process.