Envisioning a New Campus Community


For over 130 years, the University of Manitoba has been recognized as Manitoba’s premier university – shaping our leaders, enhancing our community and conducting research that is changing the world. We enjoy close connections to the people and communities of Manitoba and we are committed to preserving, nurturing and growing these bonds into the future.

In November, 2011 the University acquired the former Southwood Golf Course. This 120-acre parcel is a rare gem and holds enormous potential to build on a tradition of excellence, innovation and global influence.

The University of Manitoba is excited to begin planning. Our goal is to involve stakeholders in this important process that will lead to a master plan.

Read a brief history of the former Southwood lands, one of the primary precincts within the scope of the Visionary (re)Generation Open International Design Competition.

In December 2012, the University of Manitoba will officially launch Visionary (re)Generation Open International Design Competition, which will result in a new area master plan for areas of the Fort Garry campus, including the former Southwood lands. A dedicated website will be launched in November 2012. Please visit our competition page for more information.

September 2012 - CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: New Sidewalk along University Crescent 

In September, a section of fence along the west side of University Crescent was removed, allowing the City of Winnipeg to extend the walkway along University Crescent from the pedestrian corridor to Chancellor Matheson Road.

September  2012 - CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: New Service Road

The University is currently constructing an interim access road off of Sifton Road to service maintenance requirements related to the interim use of Southwood Lands as a passive recreation area. The construction of the access road is necessary as we scale back vehicular access to Southwood Precinct. This road will be used only by our Physical Plant workers and our contracted maintenance supplier.  This road is temporary and is not part of the future Southwood Precinct development plan. Maintenance of the Southwood precinct will respect the university’s sustainability model of best practices, using an Integrated Pest Management Program driven by education and research during this interim period.