Track your grades using your course syllabus

Tracking your grades is one of the truest methods for knowing how you are performing in your courses. If you don’t know where you stand, you won’t know if and where you need to improve.

Keep track of your grades by creating a Grade Tracker.

  1. Using your course syllabus, identify the types of term work required in your course that will contribute to your final grade.
  2. Then indicate the percentage of your final grade that assigned to that specific piece of term work.
  3. Update your Grade Tracker each time you receive feedback from your professor.
    For example 45/65 or 75% for Paper #1 (see below).
  4. As you complete the course and receive new pieces of feedback, keep adding it to your Tracker.
  5. As your Grade Tracker fills up, you can calculate your standing in the course based on the work you have completed.
  6. If you notice that you are not doing as well as you would like to, then you should speak to your professor about your performance, your understanding of the course material and ways in which you can improve.

The Academic Learning Centre is also available to help you with areas and ways to improve your understanding, learning, memory and performance in a course.

Sample Grade Tracker
Assignment or Paper Total % of
final grade
My grade
Paper #1 15% 45/60 or 75%
Assignment 5% %
Midterm 10% %
Paper #2 20% %
Presentation 5% %
Quizzes 5% %
Attendance and participation 10% %
Final Exam 30% %
Total Score 100% %

September 3, 2013