How do I...

Check My Tuition Fees?

Fees assessed for your current term of registration are available in Aurora Student along with a complete record of fees assessed for all terms, all payments you have made and your account balance available mid-August.

  • Log onto Aurora
  • Click on Enrolment & Academic Records
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on View Account Summary by Term

To receive a refund, students who no longer wish to attend a class must drop that before the Course Drop Deadline as part of the revision period. See Important Dates & Deadlines for specific dates.

For full fee information and any questions regarding your account summary, see the Registrar's Office.


    Pay My Tuition Fees?

    The following methods of payment are accepted:

    • Online banking (preferred)
    • TelPay
    • Cash or Debit
    • Cheque, Bank Draft, or Money Orders

    The University of Manitoba does not accept credit cards for degree / diploma program courses.

    For full payment information and instructions, see the Cashier's Office (Financial Services).

    August 8, 2018