How do I...

Get A Locker?

Locker rentals are administered through the Student Councils and Associations on campus.

    1. Determine which building you would like your locker in 
    2. Contact the council responsible for that building.

Locker fee rates are the responsibility of the student association.

During the first couple of weeks of classes, Student Councils and Associations will have tables set up, or you can go to the Council or Association's office.

Building                   Address Contact Information
Drake Centre 144 Drake Centre (204) 474-7363
Engineering E2-292 EITC (204) 474-6362
Fletcher Argue, Isbister, Tier 202 Fletcher Argue
Frank Kennedy 194 Ext. Education (204) 474-8892
Science 209 Armes
St. John’s College 138 St. John’s College
St. Paul’s College 160 St. Paul’s College

University College 203 University College (204) 474-6839

August 10, 2017