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Honours, Advanced, and General degrees are available. You may opt to complete the General degree if you are planning future study in the After-Degree Bachelor of Education degree program or you want a general knowledge of Geography. The General degree may be completed through Distance Education.

B.A. Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Honours, Advanced Major, and General Major degrees are available.

First Year Courses Credit Hours
6 credit hours from the following:
GEOG 1280 Introduction to Human Geography (3)
GEOG 1290 Introduction to Physical Geography (3)
GEOG 1700 (or GPE 1700) Social Justice in the 21st Century: Global Political Economy and Environmental Change (3)
Courses in 2nd subject field 6
Courses in 3rd subject field 6
Courses in 4th subject field 6
Courses in 5th subject field or
Total Credit Hours 30
From the courses selected above, have you fulfilled:
6 credit hours of Humanities
6 credit hours of Science
Written English (W) requirement
Mathematics (M) requirement


Science Courses for B.A. Geography

Faculty of Science
Astronomy (PHYS)
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Computer Science (COMP)
Mathematics (MATH)
Microbiology (MBIO)
Physics (PHYS)
Statistics (STAT)
Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
Environment: ENVR 1000 & 2000
Geography: GEOG 1290
Geology: GEOL 1340, 1400, 1410, 1420
Some additional upper-level courses in GEOG and GEOL may also be used.
Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences
Agriculture: AGRI 1500 & AGRI 1510
Entomology: ENTM 1000
Plant Science: PLNT 1000
Some additional upper-level courses in PLNT and SOIL may also be used.


  • If balancing admission to Geography with other programs, note that Geography requires 24 credit hours, including at least 6 credit hours of the following courses:
    • GEOG 1280
    • GEOG 1290
    • GEOG 1700 (or GPE 1700)
  • Four subject fields are required (additional to GEOG) in the program. 6 credit hours in each of four different subject areas must be completed to satisfy this requirement. A subject field may be completed by two 3-credit hour courses in a subject (e.g. ENVR 1000 (3) & ENVR 2000 (3)) or by one 6-credit hour course in a subject (e.g. NATV 1200 (6)).
    This is not a first year requirement, but must be met within the first 60 credit hours.
  • Consider an intended minor when choosing courses / subject fields for your first year. A minor is required in the Advanced and General Major degrees. See the Academic Calendar for details.
    Students in the Honours program may not declare a minor.
  • 6 credit hours of Humanities and 6 credit hours of Sciences are required in the program, and it is recommended to complete this requirement in Year 1. See the Science courses for B.A. Geography chart for course options. Humanities courses are identified in the Recommended Introductory Courses list.
  • Choose electives or courses for subject fields from the Recommended Introductory Courses list.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit may be used to reduce the first year course load and as a prerequisite to 2000 level courses, where applicable.


Minimum Credit Hours: 24 credit hours of specific coursework. See the Applicant Information Bulletin.
Minimum Course Load:

University 1 may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Summer Session may be used to complete admission requirements. See the Applicant Information Bulletin for more details.

W Requirement: Not required for admission.
M Requirement:

Not required for admission.

General degree students must complete this requirement in the first 60 credit hours.

Advanced and Honours students will meet the M requirement (once in the Geography program) by taking GEOG 3810 (M) Quantitative Research Methods in Geography.

Minimum GPA:

General: Refer to the Degree Standards Table in the Academic Calendar. A minimum grade of 'C' in 6 credit hours of 1000 level Geography courses is also required.

Advanced and Honours: Consult with a student advisor in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources.

Additional Requirements: None.
Selection Criteria: Grades only.


  • Math 40S recommended.


  • Honours/Advanced: 4 years (120 credit hours).
  • General: 3 years (90 credit hours).






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May 2017
First Year Planning Guide