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To see a program overview, learn about the unique opportunities offered to students within this degree, and to connect to admission and faculty resource links, review the Environmental Design program page. This program is the recommended route for admission to the graduate programs in the Faculty of Architecture: Architecture, City Planning, Interior Design, or Landscape Architecture.

In Year 3, students will choose a professional option in one of the following:
Architecture  |  Interior Environments  |  Landscape + Urbanism

B.Env.D. Bachelor of Environmental Design

First Year Courses Credit Hours
EVDS 1600 Introduction to Environmental Design 3
EVDS 1602 Visual Literacy 3
EVDS 1660 History of Culture, Ideas & Environment 1 3
EVDS 1670 History of Culture, Ideas & Environment 2 3
Faculty of Arts course(s), including a W* 6
Faculty of Science course(s), including an M* 6
Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, or Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources course(s) 6
Total Credit Hours 30
*include at least one 3 credit hour W course and one 3 credit hour M course in your course selection



  • If balancing admission to Environmental Design with another program, note that there are two options for admission.  The courses in the chart reflect the requirements for Option 1 (preferred).
  • All courses must be at the 1000 level or higher.
  • Geography (GEOG) courses can be used to fulfill the Faculty of Arts courses for admission.
  • Environmental Science (ENVR) and Geological Sciences (GEOL) can be used to fulfill the Faculty of Science courses for admission.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit may be used to reduce the first year course load and as a prerequisite to 2000 level courses.


Minimum Credit Hours: 30 credit hours of specific coursework. See the Applicant Information Bulletin.  The courses listed reflect the requirements for Option 1. 
Minimum Course Load:

University 1 may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

All admission requirements must be met by the end of April in the year of application.

W Requirement: Required for admission.  Your Faculty of Arts course(s) should be used to fulfill the W requirement.  Minimum 1000-level required.
M Requirement: Required for admission.  Your Faculty of Science courses should be used to fulfill the M requirement.  Minimum 1000-level required.
Minimum GPA:

Based on the tiered admission scale as listed in the Applicant Information Bulletin, with no grade less than 'C+' in EVDS 1600, EVDS 1602, EVDS 1660, and EVDS 1670, and no grade less than 'C' in other course requirements.

Admission is competitive - a higher than minimum GPA is often required and varies each year depending on the applicant pool.

Additional Requirements: None.
Selection Criteria:


Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are given priority.  Limited space is available for international students.

Applicants may be considered for admission under different categories. See the Applicant Information Bulletin.


  • None.


  • 4 years (129 credit hours). 



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April 2017