Bike Lockers


The University of Manitoba currently offers 18 secure bike lockers located across the Fort Garry Campus, providing a personal, weather protected and secure enclosure for storing your bicycle. Bike lockers are available to the University of Manitoba community in terms of up to one year. Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis.

Lockers are custom designed for the Winnipeg climate and are intended to fit most bikes. Each locker is 75 inches deep, 50 inches tall and 33 inches wide (at the door).

To request a bike locker, please fill out our online locker request form below.

Rental Rates:

The rental rate has a one-time refundable key deposit of $75.00 which must be paid in advance. Rental terms are based on the University's academic schedule and begin roughly in line with fall, winter and summer terms. Renters can hold a locker for a maximum of one year before they must renew their spot. Renters are entitled to 24/7 access to their locker.

Rental Period      Price (incl. GST)
 1 Month  $15.00
 4 Months  $60.00
 8 Months  $120.00
12 Months  $180.00

All rental agreements expire on the last day of the arranged rental period at 6PM. Renters wishing to renew their contract must notify Parking Services of their desire to do so and must provide payment at least 2 weeks before the end of the rental period. Failure to do so may result in the locker going to another person.


Fort Garry Campus

- Extended Education (4 lockers)

- EITC (4 lockers)

- Fletcher Argue (4 lockers)

- Science Complex (4 lockers)

- Dafoe Library (1 locker)

- University Centre (1 locker)

 Locker Request Form:

Once a locker has been made available to you, you will be required to come to the Welcome Centre at the Fort Garry Campus in order to sign your rental agreement, pay the key deposit and rental fee and receive your key.

If no lockers are available, you will be added to a wait-list for each location requested and will be notified when a locker becomes available.

 Additional Information

Any lost/stolen keys should be reported to Parking Services immediately. Replacement keys can be made available with an additional key deposit.

Please see our Bike Locker FAQ for answers to common questions about bike lockers.

For more information about bike lockers and other sustainable transportation option at the University of Manitoba, please contact the Office of Sustainability at or Parking Services at 204-474-9483 or .

Bike Locker FAQ

1.    What are bike lockers?

Bike lockers are secure enclosures that allow the storage of one bicycle of various sizes and forms. They are more secure than bike racks or bike cages and can shield bikes from the elements.

2.    How much do they cost?

Bike lockers can be rented on a four, eight or twelve month term with each term period costing $60.00 ($15.00/month). A $75.00 deposit is required for your key which will be reimbursed when you vacate a locker and end your rental agreement. 

3.    How secure are bike lockers?

Bike lockers are the highest standard for bike safety available. Each locker is full encased using high quality steel, and comes with a high security case-hardened boron steel lock. 

4.    Will my bike fit?

Lockers have been designed to accommodate most bikes. Most configurations/styles will easily fit into the locker. Oversized panniers, tandem bikes or bike trailers will not fit.

5.    How do I apply for a bike locker?

Any member of the University community can fill out our online locker request form. Once completed, forms are submitted to Parking Services and locker allocations are made on a first come, first served basis.

6.    When will I hear back about my locker request?

Space is limited. You will be contacted as soon as a locker becomes available at a location of your choosing.  

7.    How can I cancel my rental agreement?

If you do not want to continue your locker rental, you must indicate your desire to do so at least 2 weeks before the end of your rental agreement. Should you wish to terminate your rental agreement before the end of the rental term, no refunds will be issued. 

8.    What if I lose my key? Can it be replaced?

Any lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to Parking Services, and the key deposit will be forfeited. A second lock/key can be provided at the cost of an additional deposit ($75.00).

9.    If the lockers are full, what are my other options for secure bike parking on campus?

There are several other options for cyclists depending on your campus:

Fort Garry – Located on the ground level of the University Parkade, the Bike Station is a covered and enclosed parking facility for 100 bikes that is secured with a card-lock system. For more information, contact:

Bannatyne – Located between the Faculty of Dentistry and the Parkade, the Bannatyne Bike Cage is an enclosed area for 50 bikes that is secured with a card-lock system. For more information or to gain access, please go to the Physical Plant office at RM S01B in the Medical Services Building.

The HSC Emily Parkade Secure Bike Lockup is available to staff and students for a nominal fee. Please go to the HSC Parking Desk or contact:

10.  Will there be lockers on Bannatyne campus?

 Yes, students and staff at Bannatyne have identified the need for more secure bike parking options. Due to physical limitations, a location is still being determined.  

11.  Why are there only 16 lockers? Will there be more in the future?

The University of Manitoba is continually updating and improving our active transportation infrastructure. The bike lockers are considered a pilot project and will be used to monitor and evaluate the desire and/or need for future investments in secure bike parking.