Tuition & fees

The cost of your university education may depend on a number of factors:

  1. Program Choice & Course Load:
    The number of years required for study, textbook requirements, tuition rates and fees will all vary by program. In most areas, your tuition costs will also be determined by the types of courses you take as well as the number of courses you register in.
  2. Citizenship & Residency:
    Students who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or landed immigrants of Canada will be assessed a differential fee on their tuition fee (*exemption for Minnesota residents). Other costs will include health insurance and student visa application.

Undergraduate Programs
For a breakdown of undergraduate costs for each faculty & school, please follow the link below:

Academic English Program (Regular and Conditional Admission).
For a breakdown of costs, please follow the link below: 

More specific financial information is also available for the following types of programs on their websites: