Student government

Get involved! The university needs your voice.

There are many options for students to get involved in the governance of the university, within each faculty, through the student unions and on university governing bodies.

UMSU is the largest students' association in Manitoba with more than 22,000 undergraduate student members and advocates on behalf of students to all levels of government involved with post-secondary education - federal, provincial, Municipal and U of M administration.

Graduate Students’ Association 
The Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) is the student-run association representing the interests of graduate students from all disciplines at the University of Manitoba. Each graduate student is automatically a fee-paying member. The UMGSA also operates the Health Sciences Graduate Students’ Association (HSGSA) at the Bannatyne Campus.

The Senate is the University's senior academic governing body. Its membership includes: the Chancellor, the President and the Vice-Presidents of the University, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Schools, Faculty members elected by Faculty and School Councils, students elected by the students, and representatives of the Board of Governors and the Alumni Association.

Board of Governors
The Board of Governors as the Corporate Governing Body of the University, is responsible for overseeing the administrative and business affairs of the University, including approving the annual budget and appointing and monitoring the performance of the President and Vice-Chancellor.
The Board consists of 23 members: the Chancellor, the President, 12 members appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, three members elected by the graduates of the University, three members elected by the Senate of the University and three members appointed by the University of Manitoba Students' Union.