Your experience at the U of M

Welcome to the University of Manitoba.

You have chosen to be part of an exciting community, one that will support you through a transformative journey and lead to life-long success. You will build new friendships and be challenged by new and innovative ideas both inside and outside the classroom. And throughout, you will find the resources and opportunities to help you succeed.

With more than 100 academic programs to choose from, opportunities for innovative research and co-op jobs, and exchange programs in 30 countries, we encourage you to pursue your passion both inside and outside the classroom. As a student at the U of M, you have access to resources such as world-class libraries, student services, student research placements and the Academic Learning Centre to help you succeed academically. The U of M has produced 97 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other university in Western Canada.

Outside the classroom you will find a wealth of co-curricular opportunities—in local and international community development, the arts, sports, scientific discovery and entrepreneurialism, to name a few. We are providing more opportunities for students to work, live and study abroad—and all of these activities can be documented on your co-curricular record (an official transcript of approved activities).

And if all this seems to be a bit overwhelming, if you have a question and don’t know who to ask, or want to get involved and need a place to start, talk to one of our academic advisors. If you want to get involved in co-curricular activities and need a place to start, connect with Student Life.

We’re here to help you learn, grow and thrive, and be celebrated for your success.

Student Experience