Learning beyond the classroom

University is a great time to experience other cultures, expand your world view and build a resumé for your future career.

The U of M gives you the chance to see the world while building relevant skills beyond the classroom. You can expect to have fun, have opportunities to meet and work with new people, and perhaps even travel to exotic places. And you'll develop the skills that employers want. Leadership, service learning, study abroad & student exchanges, and volunteering represent four broad areas forlearning beyond the classroom. Explore these links to find some of the opportunities available across campus.

Student Life
Peers: Students Helping Students

Service learning, study abroad & student exchanges
Student Life
International Centre for Students
World W.I.S.E


Peers: Students Helping Students
Student Accessibility Services - Volunteer Notetakers

Research and Co-op placements
Undergraduate Research Award
Co-op and Career Services


Ecuador Service-Learning Experience


Changing the Way We See Things: A Student to Student Dialogue on Gender, Human Rights and Health

Join four U of M students on their journey in Tanzania.

target="_blank" title="Bangladesh Service Learning Experience">

Join five U of M students during their travels in Bangladesh and keep up with their experiences and adventures through their blogs!

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