International experience
Broaden your horizons 

All University of Manitoba students have the opportunity to internationalize their education and gain cross-cultural experiences through travel and exchange programs sometimes even without leaving Winnipeg.

Through the International Centre for Students and Student Life, the University of Manitoba provides programs and resources for internationally-minded students looking for opportunities both inside and outside of Canada.

The International Centre for Students (ICS) provides support for all University of Manitoba students seeking global experiences while also providing support to the more than 3,000 international students studying at the U of M. International exchange and internship programs offered through ICS and Student Life provide opportunities for travel and experiential education that's affordable and accessible. The World W.I.S.E. Resource Centre can help students plan for work, study, or travel throughout the world. Opportunities for graduate international field study are also available through several faculties. Exchange programs offered by ICS are open to undergraduate students from most faculties.

Students who study in the I.H. Asper School of Business can also take advantage of the faculty's own exchange and co-operative education programs that are specifically tailored for business students and their academic and professional objectives. Similar programs are available for engineering and agriculture students.

Students can also choose to study and travel abroad during the summer session. These experiences are offered through the Faculty of Extended Education.

ICS and Student Life have also teamed-up to offer a variety of service learning and internship opportunities, taking place in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These programs last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, providing students with various levels of experience, and the opportunity to find the program that is right for them.

Scholarships and awards are now available for all these programs.

The University of Manitoba includes equity, diversity, and responsibility to society as some of the core values on which the mission of the university is built. Opportunities are available for students to appreciate other perspectives and cultures as a part of an excellent university education.

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