Status of Classes

The University of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) reached an agreement, all classes resumed on November 22, at their usual days and times.

UMFA Strike Fall 2016

The following is an official list of classes that continued during the UMFA strike. Classes were added or removed as information became available.

Official list of continuing classes during the Fall 2016 UMFA strike (PDF) (last updated 11/18/2016 at 4:00 PM)
The continuing class list is provided as a PDF document and will appear in a new window. If no new window appears after you click the above link, verify your pop-up blocker settings. Once pop-ups are allowed, return to the link and try again.

Official list of Extended Education classes during the Fall 2016 UMFA strike (PDF) (last updated 11/02/2016) (file will open in a new window, see above for instructions)


  • Courses co-taught by UMFA and non-UMFA members may not be listed here.
  • Labs, tutorials and studios are not included on this list.
  • Students in the professional programs in the following Colleges/Schools are referred to their dean or director’s office for information about classes that continued: College of Dentistry, School of Dental Hygiene, Max Rady College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy and College of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Students are responsible for classes on the official list and for any ongoing activities including classes, labs, tutorials, practica, clinical assignments, studios, tests and assignments identified through consultation with their faculty school or college. If students choose not to cross the picket line, they are still responsible for materials covered in any class that is included on the class list, as well as lab activity, tutorials, practica, clinical assignments, studios, tests and assignments. These students must advise their instructors in advance of class if they choose not to cross the picket line. In such circumstances, instructors will make reasonable alternate arrangements with respect to any missed material, labs, tutorials, studios, assignments or tests.

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Updated December 20, 2016