Step 3: Confirm Extra Needs

After receiving your room booking confirmation, verify your room setup, equipment and catering needs.
1. Audio-Visual Equipment:
  • Review the audio-visual equipment that is included in the room (as per Astra Schedule); make note of any equipment you require that is not included in the room.
  • You may be instructed by the building contact to connect with Audio Visual and Classroom Technology Support to:
    1. Confirm your ability to access and to use the equipment supplied in the room.
    2. Request any required equipment that is not included in the room you’ve booked.  Please include the reservation number found in your booking confirmation, and allow three business days for your your request to be processed.

2. Room Set-Up:

  • Review the room set-up specifications (as per Astra Schedule); determine whether you require the space to be set up differently.
  • If you require your space to be set up differently, you may be instructed by the building contact to make a separate request.

3. Catering Services:

  • For events that include food or beverages, please note that the U of M’s Use of Facilities Policy requires that the serving of any food, beverage, or alcohol be approved by Conference and Catering Services.
  • Unless otherwise indicated by the building contact, visit the Conference and Catering Services website to review available services, and to request catering for your event.