Step 2: Request a Room

Once you have found the space that you would like to book, please use the room booking form below to make your request.

1. The following details will be required:
  • Contact Person (name, email, phone)
  • Group/Organization (name, organization type)
  • Event Information (event name, event type, anticipated attendance, date(s), time(s))
    • If your booking requires additional time for set up and take down please include this time in your request.
  • Building and Room (Campus, Building, Room Number or Room Type)
  • Indication of whether food will be served
  • Required Technology/Features:
    • If requesting a specific room: Indicate any technology or room features that you require, which are not already included in the room, in the “Other Technology and Features” field.
    • If requesting a “Room Type” in a specific building: Select all technology needs from the list provided on the form, and make note any additional technology or room features you require in the “Other Technology and Features” field.
  • Other notes (e.g. preferences for room configuration)

Room Booking Form* (will open in a new window)
*Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 (compatibility mode recommended); Mozilla Firefox 2.0+; Safari 6.0+; Google Chrome.

Tips for Completing the Room Booking Form (PDF)

2. After the request form has been submitted:





  • A summary of your request will open on your screen; this can be printed for your records.  Please note that this is not a confirmation of your booking.
  • The form will be automatically directed to the appropriate contact person who will confirm your request or contact you if the requested space cannot be booked.  Confirmations will be emailed according to the information provided on the Room Booking Form.
  • If applicable, instructions will also be given regarding any additional actions required by you.
  • Proceed with the Step 3, only after you have received your room booking confirmation.