Step 1: Find a Room

1. Open the public Astra Schedule Room Booking Calendar*

*The public Room Booking Calendar will open in a new window; no login is required.

Having trouble?

  • Astra schedule has been upgraded! If you are having difficulty accessing the Astra Schedule Room Booking Calendar, please clear your browser history and try again.  If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact the IST Help & Solutions Centre.
  • Supported browsers include Internet Exlorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 (compatibility mode recommended); Mozilla Firefox 2.0+; Safari 6.0+; Google Chrome.

2. Review available rooms:

  • If you know the specific building (or room) in which you would like to request space:

    Using the “Search for Rooms” document below, follow the “Check Room Availability” instructions.
  • To search all buildings for available rooms:

    Using the “Search for Rooms” document below, refer to the “Search for an Available Room” section.  Search criteria may include: campus, building, room type, feature/technology, and/or capacity.

Search for Rooms using the Astra Schedule Calendar
(PDF, will open in a new window)

Note:  All requests must include a “Building” preference; you may request a specific room, although a “Room Type” indication is also sufficient.

3. Make note of the following details about the room you have chosen:

  • Campus
  • Building
  • Room Number (or Room Type, if no specific room is desired)
  • Audio/Visual Features included in the room (only if a specific room has been selected)
  • Audio/Visual Features required that are not included in the room (ordered separately, please allow three business days) 

Note:  This information will will be required for the next step.

Updated Oct 15, 2020