STEP 2: Know your program

The University of Manitoba considers it a student's responsibility to be aware of program and graduation requirements.  To best prepare for registration, students should be considerate of the progression of their program of study.

What courses do I need to take?
Registration is about more than just choosing courses off of a list. Students need to be aware of program and graduation requirements that are in addition to course work, as well as any recommendations regarding how to proceed through the requirements.  Some courses may need to be taken in a certain sequence, and others may need to be taken together.

Your academic program requirements are listed in your faculty, school, and/or program section of the Academic Calendar.

Additional Resources:

Remember: rules and requirements may change!

As rules and requirements change, it's important that students know which rules and requirements they should be following - is it the old rules, or the new ones?

Some students will always continue to follow the rules that existed upon their admission, while others will need to adjust to the new rules; this varies by faculty, school, and/or program.

Any questions or concerns about your program rules and requirements should be directed to your advising office: Undergraduate, Graduate.

Priority planning

This is a good time to consider your career interests, and to plan your priorities as a student. This will help with time management and time tabling decisions.

Students are welcome to visit the U1 First Year Centre and the Career Services Centre for more information and guidance.

Do I register using Aurora?

While most students register themselves in classes using Aurora, some students do not. Students who do not use Aurora to register for classes will still use this system for other purposes.

Updated December 21, 2016