STEP 1: Get to know Aurora

Aurora is the University of Manitoba's online registration and student information system. 

Use the links below to access additional information about Aurora, and to determine whether or not you will use Aurora to register for your classes.

What is Aurora and how is it used?

The Online Registration Tutorials provide an overview of Aurora navigation and system functions, as well as information specific to registering for classes.

Students will most frequently access Aurora to register for classes, check their fees, view their class schedule, and to access their student records and final grades. All students are encouraged to become familiar with Aurora.

Do I register using Aurora?

While most students register themselves in classes using Aurora, some students do not. Students who do not use Aurora to register for classes will still use this system for other purposes.

Who can help me with Aurora?

Students who require help using or logging in to Aurora may contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.  Questions about what courses to register for should be directed to your advising office: Undergraduate, Graduate.