Western Dean’s Agreement

If you are a graduate student and wish to take a course for credit in your graduate program at an institution that is part of the Western Deans' Agreement (WDA), please read the agreement, which can be found at: 

Taking a course through the WDA

Once you have read these instructions, and have determined that you are eligible for the WDA, the following are the steps needed to take a course through the WDA. 

1.  Fill out the WDA form (available at http://wcdgs.ca/western-deans-agreement.html).

2.  Have your department fill out Part 1 under Home Institution. 

3.  Submit the form, along with a course description of the course you wish to take, to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, 500 University Centre. 

4.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies will contact the Host Institution for their approval. 

5.  When the approval has been granted by the Host Institution, you will receive a Letter of Permission from the Registrar's Office at University of Manitoba.  You should also ensure that you have received an admission letter from the Host Institution and you are responsible for ensuring you are registered for the course at the Host Institution. 

6.  When the course has been completed and a grade assigned, please arrange to have an official transcript of marks from the Host Institution sent directly to the Registrar's Office, 400 University Centre, University of Manitoba.

Updated April 11, 2016