Other Compulsory Fees for 2019-2020

The Board of Governors has approved a tuition fee increase on all program and ancillary fees for 2019-2020; new fee rates have been posted.

Student Service Fees  |  Technology Services Fee  |  Laboratory Fees
Sport and Recreation Fee  |  U-Pass Fee (Full-Time students only)

International Students Health Insurance (MISHP)  |
 Architecture Information Technology Fee  Co-op Program Work Terms
Dentistry/Dental Hygiene Consumables & Instruments Fees
Education Practicum and Field Experience
Fine Arts Studio Enhancement & Technology Fee  |  Law Clinical/Exam

 Pharmacy  |  St. John's/St. Paul's College Membership 

Student Service Fees

These fees are assessed per term in each term of registration.

   Fall Term  Winter Term  Summer Term
Registration Fee $22.82 $22.82 $11.41
Library Fee $22.82 $22.82 $11.41
Student Services Fee $22.82 $22.82 $11.41

Technology Services Fee

These fees are assessed at the following rates to cover costs associated with the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.

  • Undergraduate students and graduate students in a course based program will be assessed a fee of $6.51 per credit hour, assessed on a maximum of 15 credit hours.
  • Undergraduate students paying a program fee will be assessed a flat fee of $97.73 per term to a maximum of $195.46 per Fall/Winter Session.
  • Full-time graduate students paying a program or continuing fee will be assessed a flat fee of $97.73 per term to a maximum of $195.46 per Fall/Winter Session.
  • Part-time graduate students paying a program or continuing fee will be assessed a flat fee of $48.86 per term to a maximum of $97.73 per Fall/Winter Session.

Laboratory Fees

The University of Manitoba assesses an additional fee for all course sections that include a laboratory component, based on the type of lab used; these fees are refundable only until the revision deadline for the applicable course.

Wet/Bench Labs and Language Labs

up to 5 credit hours $39.26
6-8 credit hours $78.52
9+ credit hours $117.78

Dry/Tutorial Labs

up to 5 credit hours $32.68
6-8 credit hours $65.36
9+ credit hours $98.04

You may view the Lab Fees attached to a specific course section in the Class Schedule – Detailed Class Information. To view Detailed Class Information in Class Schedule click on the Course Title-CRN-Section Number link. If a Lab Fee has been applied it will appear under the heading: Base Fees (other charges may apply).

Sport and Recreation Fee

The University of Manitoba will be waiving the Sport & Recreation Fee for Summer Term 2020.

This fee supports the University of Manitoba's commitment to active living, sports and recreationThe Sport and Recreation Fee will be assessed to all University of Manitoba students, excluding those with existing agreements precluding the payment of service fees to the U of M.

  • Fall and Winter Terms:
    • $86.64 per term for Full Time students
    • $64.96 per term for Part Time students
  • Summer Term:
    • $64.96 Full and Part Time students

For details on services available to students, see the Recreation Services website.


Full-Time students who are UMSU or GSA members will be assessed a U-Pass (Universal Transit Pass) fee of  $136.25 per Term (Fall & Winter).

For more information about the U-Pass, visit the UMSU Website.

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Manitoba International Health Insurance Plan (MISHP)


All University of Manitoba International Students are enrolled in the Manitoba International Students Health Plan (MISHP). This plan provides primary health care benefits equivalent to Manitoba Health.  Enrolment in MISHP is mandatory for international students. You may request to opt out if you are covered by Manitoba Health or if you are already covered by MISHP through another Manitoba institution. Opt outs are managed by the administrator: visit mishp.ca/contact-us.


The MISHP fee is assessed by term as follows:

For undergraduate, graduate, and English Language Centre program students:

Fall 2019 


For coverage from Sept. 1 – Dec. 31, 2019

Winter 2020


For coverage from Jan. 1 – Aug. 31, 2020

Summer 2020 $288 Assessed to newly admitted students (those not enrolled in the Winter Term) for coverage from May 1 – Aug. 31, 2020
Extended Education Certificate Programs  $864 Assessed for 12 months coverage at the beginning of the first term of registration.


Architecture Information Technology Fee 


All students in Architecture will be assessed an Information Technology Fee of $466.88.

The Technology Fee includes $105.00 to be directed towards a technology endowment fund. Remaining funds will be expended on technology items of direct benefit to students.

Co-op Program Work Term Fees
(assessed each Work Term)

Undergraduate Co-op Programs

Arts (Psychology) $760.23
Science $558.25
Engineering $391.85
Management $809.38
Agricultural & Food Sciences $796.67
Architecture (Environmental Design) $391.85
Agriculture Diploma $796.67
Environment, Earth & Resources (ENVR 3980 only) $669.83

Graduate Co-op Programs

Architecture $391.85
MPA $391.85
Computer Science $558.25

Dentistry and Dental Hygiene Clinic Consumables and Clinic Instrument Fees

Dentistry DMD Clinic and Lab Fee E-Textbook Fee Clinical Instrument Fee
Year 1 $11,261.52 $1,394.45 $8,436.42
Year 2 $12,850.25 $1,394.45 $4,442.66
Year 3 $7,317.58 $1,394.45 --
Year 4 $4,265.68 $1,394.45 --
Dentistry IDDP
Year 3 ID1 $12,651.49 $1,956.56 $14,730.08
Year 4 ID $4,454.34 $1,956.56 --
Dental Hygiene
Year 2 $5,453.46 $2,183.56 $6,585.45
Year 3 $3,182.92 $2,183.56 --

1Dentistry Year 3 ID student are admitted in Summer Term.  This fee will be in
effect for and assessed in Summer Term 2020.     

Education Practicum and Field Experience Fee

A fee of $163.74 per 3 credit hours is assessed for all education practicum and field work, field experience or field placement courses.

Fine Arts Studio Enhancement & Technology Fee

All School of Art students will be assessed $50.75 in each of the Fall and Winter terms ($25.37 in Summer Term).
This fee will be used to cover the cost of new capital equipment for the School of Art studios in order to support the curriculum. The fee collected will enable the school to ensure all equipment is current and functioning.

Law Clinical/Exam Fee

All full and half-time Law students will be assessed $114.00 in Fall Term.

Pharmacy Field Work and Course Fee

Clinical fieldwork fee (BSc. Pharm):  All Bachelor of Science Pharmacy students will be assessed the Clinical fieldwork fee ($3,164.75) at the rate of $1,582.37 per fall and winter term.

Clinical fieldwork Fee (Pharm.D.):       
All Doctorate of Pharmacy students will be assessed the Clinical field work fee $3,600.00 at the rate of $1,800.00 per fall and winter term     

Year 3 Course Fee (BSc. Pharm): All Year 3 students will be assessed a Course fee when registering for PHRM 3110; for the current fee rate, please see the comments for this course in the Class Schedule.

St. John's College or St. Paul's College Membership Fee

St. John's College membership fee:
$5.00, flat fee per term (less than 9 credit hours)
$10.00, flat fee per term (9 credit hours or more)

St. Paul's College:
Membership fee: $7.00, flat fee per term
Endowment fee: $12.00, flat fee per term

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Updated Apr. 22, 2020