The University of Manitoba’s inaugural mental health strategy, Success Through Wellness, was approved for implementation in 2014. The strategy represented a Call to Action for all members of the University community to “examine all aspects of the university in striving to be a community that is committed, caring, healthy, responsive, supportive and resourceful.” Progress toward meeting these goals is documented in the Success Through Wellness 2014-2019 Implementation Report , which forms the foundation for the next iteration of our mental health strategy.

To further inform development of Success Through Wellness 2.0, we are inviting your input on several key aspects of mental health and wellness at the University.

Please take the time to answer the questions below, and help shape our future. For reference purposes, “current climate with respect to mental health and wellness” refers to your overall perception of the extent to which the University environment promotes or supports mental health and wellness.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts!