Mindful Campus Grant Initiative

Calm Rooms and Bell Let’s Talk Events

Out of the ongoing feedback from students, staff and faculty about a need for more spaces on campus where all can connect and relax, along with the opportunity to apply for the Mindful Campus Grant in 2019, came a pilot project consisting of pop-up ‘wellness spaces’ to be used for a variety of activities, workshops, and other purposes. Partnering with the existing Bell Let’s Talk events, three wellness spaces were enjoyed by all during the week of January 27-31, 2020 alongside creative workshops, resilience training and mindful gatherings.

Read more about the events and future plans in our Mindful Campus Report (PDF).

Principal Applicants:

Britt Harvey, Health & Wellness Educator (britt.harvey@umanitoba.ca)
Arlana Vadnais, Campus Mental Health Facilitator (arlana.vadnais@umanitoba.ca)

Funded by:

  • Mindful Campuses Grants, a collaboration between Mindful Employer Canada, Canada Life and Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.

Our thanks to all involved:

The UM Mindful Campus Grant Initiative Team:

Additional Support:

  • Rikki Fontaine, Lori Arnold, Active Minds Student Group, Seema Goel, Bambilyn Goodale