25 Alumni in 25 Days

The University of Manitoba is showcasing 25 inspiring Indigenous Alumni (i.e., one per day (Monday-Friday) leading up to the 25th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow on May 3rd, 2014. For more information about the Graduation Pow Wow and to register (Graduates and Alumni) please click here.

Our Inspiring Alumni

To view the profiles of our inspiring alumni, please click on a photo.

Desiree Dorion Ryan Gorrie Tara Williamson Bruce Miller
Desiree Dorion Ryan Gorrie Tara Williamson Bruce Miller
 Brenda Lafreniere EJ Fontaine   Lorie Thompson  Fred Shore
Brenda Lee Lafreniere EJ Fontaine Lorie Thompson Fred Shore
 Heather McRae  Kenneth B. Young  Leanne Simpson  Jamie Wilson
Heather McRae Kenneth B. Young Leanne Simpson  Jamie Wilson
 Verna Kirkness  Robert Houle  Elder Florence Paynter  Tanya Kappo
Verna J. Kirkness Robert Houle Florence Paynter Tanya Kappo
Coleen Rajotte   Carl Stone  Deborah Young  Ovide Mercredi
Coleen Rajotte  Carl Stone Deborah Young Ovide Mercredi
Dené Beaudry   Murray Sinclair  Rod Bruinooge  Adrienne Carriere
Dené Beaudry Murray Sinclair  Rod Bruinooge Adrienne Carriere
Phil Fontaine       
 Phil Fontaine