Lorie Thompson [B.A. 2002, LL.B. 2008]

Lorie Thompson

Pine Creek First Nation/Camperville

What inspires you?
Life inspires me and what experiences it brings each and every day, such as beginning a new day, giving thanks to Creator with the intention of living of a good day, its an adventure. I never lived this day before. My life is a sacred gift meant for only me to experience and learn from, working to walk each step through life with open eyes, open ears and an open heart. In my life, my family is a huge inspiration, so is a homeless stranger, the range of inspiration is vast. My children and grandchildren are great life teachers that I am thankful for each and every day. Learning from all those and all that I come across in my day, whether good or not so good, there is an inspirational impact I experience which helps me in my quest to balance my mind, my body, and my spirit so I can live a good life.

What is your advice to current Indigenous university students and the 2014 Indigenous graduates of the University of Manitoba?
Love yourself, you are worth it and those around you will flourish from your self love. Work hard, but find the balance of academics, work, family and you time. You can achieve your life dreams, so always dream.

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