Jamie Wilson [M.Ed. 1999]

Jamie Wilson

Opaskwayak Cree Nation
Commissioner of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, Military veteran (Elite Special Operations Ranger), Athlete, and Environmentalist

What Inspires You?
I am continually inspired by students in Manitoba, young people from both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities who have taken responsibility for rebuilding the treaty relationship. They aren’t leaving things up to politicians, but are doing it themselves. First step in building any relationship is understanding your partner … in doing so we begin to understand ourselves better. This is why the ‘We Are All Treaty People’ message is so powerful to me, because it inspires people to become a part of a relationship.

I am also inspired by people that work their butts off to achieve their goals. People that sacrifice their social lives in order to achieve what they want in life for themselves and their families.

What is your advice to current Indigenous university students and the 2014 Indigenous graduates of the University of Manitoba?
Strive to be a high achiever and be proud of it. Our ancestors had an extremely high work ethic and negotiated things like education in the treaties so that we could take advantage of it. We need to take advantage of those opportunities and be proud of our success.

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