Carl Stone [B.A. 2000]

Carl Stone

Brokenhead First Nation
Cultural Teacher and Leader, Aboriginal Student Advisor (Indigenous Student Centre) University of Manitoba

What inspires you?
I love working with creative leadership. Someone who can think outside the box and make things happen. I believe I have had the good fortune to have had that in the work I have done. The Elders of our community have a huge role in the direction of my life. It was with their blessing and direction that I came back to the University and continued to be here working with the people. The young people that I see at the University seeking their degrees are so heart felt and up lifting. They carry themselves so well and I see the pride that they have in themselves. I see them over coming their struggles as well.

What is your advice to current Indigenous university students and the 2014 Indigenous graduates of the University of Manitoba?
I say get to know your strengths. You come here with strengths you already have, that’s why you are here. Know who you are if you are an Anishinabe, Metis, Cree, Dakota or Dene. Embrace and get to know that ancient knowledge for that is what made us who we are today. Believe in yourself and the people. Seek and embrace your vision and hold on to it and never let it go our Elders said. You look after that vision and it will intern care for you and all you love. I wish the best for all of you. Miigwetch.

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