The Indigenous Student Centre (ISC), a unit within Indigenous Engagement, is responsible for welcoming and supporting Indigenous students, as well as providing opportunities for students to learn about First Nations, Inuit and Métis culture. The University of Manitoba has over 2,400 self-identified Indigenous students that are represented in almost all faculties at the undergraduate level.

Our holistic supports and services include:

  • Academic
    • Qualico Bridge to Success transition program
    • Application assistance
    • Course selection & registration assistance
    • Referral to tutors
    • Advocacy, assistance & referral dealing with professors & the university system, appeals
    • Science research talks
    • Graduate student writing retreat
    • On-site Indigenous librarian
  • Cultural
    • Elders-In-Residence
    • Weekly Fireside Chats
    • Zongiigabowin (weekly gathering of Indigenous men)
    • Full Moon Ceremony (monthly gathering of women)
    • Louis Riel Day celebration
    • Annual Traditional Graduation Pow-Wow
    • Annual Elders & Traditional Peoples Gathering
    • Smudging ceremonies
  • Personal
    • Advocacy & Support
    • Someone to talk to in a family environment
    • On & off campus resource information & referrals
    • Peer supports/Aboriginal Student Association Lounge (1st floor Aboriginal House)
  • Physical
    • Indigenous Student Newsletter (bi-weekly)
    • Work-study positions
    • Post-secondary funding information & application assistance
    • Job & career workshops
    • Social Activities
    • Volunteer opportunities
  • Smudging Policy
  • Traditional Peoples Advisory Commitee (TPAC)