Building Healthy Habits

Staying healthy and well means – among other things – developing and maintaining a set of healthy habits that create an overall sense of physical, social and mental well-being. Just a few small changes in your life can have long-term effects on your overall health.

We know that long-term change is hard work. Certain life stresses can interfere with our ability to make changes. Where we live, our feeling of safety, income, and other factors can make access to tools and resources for change difficult. Change also depends on where we are at a certain time of life – and whether we are ready to start making changes at all.

For whatever health and wellness changes you want to make, the Health and Wellness Office at the University of Manitoba would like to support you in your journey.

The links below have important health and wellness information that can help guide you toward healthier habits and support you as you make positive changes in your life.

The information on this page is general and can apply to lots of different people. If you are looking for more personalized health information please connect with the Health and Wellness Educator or your Healthcare Provider. If you don’t see the topic that you’re looking for or you have further questions please contact Britt Harvey, Health and Wellness Educator.