How do I pay my U of M tuition or fees?

Skip the lines!

Payments for tuition and other fees can be made online through most banking and financial institutions.

Sorry, credit card payments are not accepted.

Visit for more details and the complete list of fee deadlines.

Cashiers Office, Fort Garry Campus, 138 UMSU University Centre, Phone: 204-474-8222 or 204-474-8716

Where can I find information about…

All of the above are handled by Financial Aid and Awards

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Financial Aid and Awards, 422 UMSU University Centre, Fort Garry Campus, Phone: 204-474-9531, Email:

Where can I find a little extra assistance?

Emergency loans

The U of M provides short-term assistance if you experience unexpected financial distress.

Work-Study Program

Looking for opportunities to gain work experience and skills related to your field of study? Check out the part-time on-campus opportunities available through the work-study program.

U of M Food Bank

To be eligible, you must be enrolled in the current academic term. Please bring your student photo ID card when you visit us at 518 UMSU University Centre.

The U of M Food Bank is operated jointly by Financial Aid and Awards and the University of Manitoba Students' Union.

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