Supporting your health - mind, body and spirit.

The U of M's Health and Wellness program exists to support the many dimensions that make up an individual's health and wellness, including: mental, social, spiritual, career/academic, physical, financial and environmental factors.

Free support and initiatives are offered that enable students to make informed choices and adapt healthy lifestyles to thrive and succeed throughout their university
careers, including:

  • Workshops, presentation and outreach on a variety of health and wellness topics
  • Healthy U volunteer program encouraging leadership in heath and health promotion
  • Support programs to address student issues, prevent injury and illness

If you have questions about your own health and wellness or concerns around campus, contact: Health and Wellness Educator, Phone: 204-295-9032.

Student Counselling Centre

The Student Counselling Centre (SCC) offers professional counselling services, free of charge and confidential, to University of Manitoba students. Services include web-based and self-help resources, supportive and problem-solving assistance, and group and workshop programs. Most of these services are readily available throughout the year, including groups and workshops for some of the most common student concerns, along with individual and couple counselling. Some of the many difficulties students go to the SCC for help with include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Transitions
  • Family difficulties
  • Decision-making
  • Trauma

The SCC can also help you connect with the U of M’s on campus Klinic counsellor; students can make appointments by calling SCC reception at 204-474-8592.

Services are available at the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses. For more information and how to access these services, visit:

  • 474 UMSU University Centre, Phone: 204-474-8592
  • S211 Medical Services Building

Student Support Case Management

The Student Support Case Management Office provides a variety of services that aim to increase the well-being and safety of both the individual and the community at the U of M.

Services available for students:

  • Information about campus and community resources, guidance in getting connected to these supports and assistance in learning how to use the resources best-suited to your needs.
  • Co-ordination of multiple services to provide a unified and team approach.
  • Safety Planning for both the individual or the community; including the confidential reporting of concerning behaviors.
  • Planning for academic success:
    • If you are transitioning back to school from a long or short term leave due to mental health, traumatic incident or
      significant stressors.
    • If seeking support during a leave or authorized withdrawal process so that you might be more successful in future studies.
  • Consultation on how to engage with a friend or peer who is highly distressed.
  • Education about identifying and supporting students in distress. Prevention and increased awareness on matters of student support.

Student Support Case Management, Phone: 204-474-7423, Email:

Success Through Wellness

The Campus Mental Health Facilitator role was created to support our community to 'live and breathe' the recommendations set out in the Campus Mental Health Strategy, Success Through Wellness. The strategy focuses equally on students, staff and faculty members, examining all aspects of the university and identifying ways in which the U of M can be a community that is committed, caring, healthy, responsive, supportive and resourceful.

The strategy has one ultimate goal: that each of us become 'agents' in creating a culture which promotes and supports the mental health and well-being of each and every community member.

For more information about the strategy and mental health on campus, please contact: Arlana Vadnais, Employee Wellness Specialist & Campus Mental Health Facilitator, Phone: 204-474-8323.

Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management

The U of M is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment that is inclusive, respectful and free from human rights discrimination or harassment, sexual harassment and personal harassment. The OHRCM is responsible for managing the Respectful Work and Learning Environment policy. To discuss a discrimination or harassment concern, call, email or visit our office. The office offers informal resolution of concerns through conflict management coaching, conciliation or face-to-face mediation. The office also provides advice and support to students who are dealing with interpersonal or group conflict in the university community. Alternatively, you may decide to file a formal complaint. The officer or advisor will help you make an informed decision as to what process to take in order to resolve the situation.

Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management, 201 Allen Building, Phone: 204-474-6348, Email:

Sexual Violence Support & Education

Sexual violence and sexual harassment are not tolerated at the U of M. Incidents of sexual assault and harassment are taken very seriously and the U of M works to create a secure environment overall. The U of M offers a safe, respectful and compassionate reporting environment for people who have experienced sexual violence or harassment. Many different services are available, both on and off campus, to help in cases of sexual violence or harassment.

For information on where to report an incident and access supports, visit:

University Health Service

See a doctor on campus! Appointments are required.

Range of insured services

University Health Service (UHS) provides care for:

  • Acute and chronic illnesses
  • Preventative care including periodic health examinations (complete physicals) and most immunizations
  • Mental health concerns
  • Sports injuries and other musculoskeletal concerns
  • Sexual health matters including birth control, STI advice and prenatal care
  • In house specialist referral to psychiatry or sports medicine
  • Off campus specialist referral
  • On site laboratory services from 8:30 am – 10:00 am, Monday to Friday
  • On-call physician telephone service for urgent health concerns that cannot wait until regular office hours

Uninsured services

UHS provides a number of medical and administrative services which are not covered by Manitoba Health or other provincial or independent medical insurance plans. You will be billed directly for these services. Visit this page for examples of uninsured services.


Appointments are necessary in order to ensure the appropriate length of time is reserved to provide the care that you need. However, sometimes illness is sudden or severe and for these situations UHS offers same day appointments. Call or come in at 8:30 am to arrange a same day appointment. UHS has a missed appointment policy and applicable fees will be applied.

International students

Please read more about insurance coverage for international students here.

University Health Service, 104 UMSU University Centre, Phone: 204-474-8411, Fax: 204-474-7573

Chaplains' Association

All students are welcome to drop by for spiritual support, regardless of whether or not you are part of an organized religious community. The Chaplains’ Association provides a place to meet new friends and explore life and day-to-day issues from a faith perspective. Chaplains offer opportunities for worship, discussion, Bible study and service to others. All Chaplains are approachable and available on a one-on-one basis.

Chaplains are located in UMSU University Centre:

  • Hillel Winnipeg, 149 UMSU University Centre, 204-480-6561
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry, 102E UMSU University Centre, 204-474-8386
  • Inter-Mennonite Campus Ministry, 102D UMSU University Centre, 204-474-9691
  • Pathfinder Christian Ministry (PCM), 102X UMSU University Centre, 204-474-8389
  • Ukrainian Orthodox, 102C UMSU University Centre (Thursday, 11:00 am - 3:30 pm)

The Chaplains’ Association also works cooperatively on interfaith programs with:

  • St. Andrew’s College (Ukrainian Orthodox), 204-474-6514
  • St. John’s College (Anglican), 204-474-8363
  • St. Paul’s College (Roman Catholic), 204-474-8572
  • Dr. Natasha Ali (Muslim Chaplain), 204-474-8592

Chaplains' Association, 102Y UMSU University Centre, Phone: 204-474-8721

Spiritual Care for Students

Health is not simply the absence of a physical or psychological condition. A person’s ability to find meaning, purpose and hope is central to enjoying balanced health.  Losses of all kinds can severely affect this integral aspect of well-being.

Spiritual Care offers one-on-one emotional and spiritual support by helping students explore new meaning in the face of adversity.  It is care that affirms and works amidst the variety of values and beliefs that make up individual students.  Care is provided to all regardless of students’ frameworks of meaning, whether spiritual, atheist, religious or agnostic.  It is care that is inclusive of culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability and personal experience.

Who can benefit from spiritual care?

Anyone who has ever asked or struggled with concerns such as, but not limited to:

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What is my place in the world?
  • Is this all there is to life?
  • Why am I suffering
  • Where is God? Is there a God?
  • How can I overcome this setback in my life?

In addition to providing one-one-one spiritual support, Spiritual Care seeks to promote spiritual pluralism: the acceptance, respect and understanding of diverse spiritual values, beliefs and customs.

Spiritual Care aims to develop campus-wide initiatives and programming that would engage a multi-faith and spiritually diverse student population.

Spiritual Care for Students, 102C UMSU University Centre and S207 Medical Services Building, Phone: 204-474-7005

Spiritual Health Services - Bannatyne Campus

Bannatyne Campus - Health Sciences Centre, Green Owl Zone, Level 2 (GF214), Phone: 204-787-3884

Live Well @ UM

To support your commitment to active living, environmental responsibility and mental wellness, visit the Live Well @ UM site to find the campus resources you need for personal and community well-being.

Recreation Services

Be Active. Live Well. SUCCEED!

Get the most out of university life by making physical activity a regular part of your day. Participating in our facilities and programs not only helps students lead healthier lives but can directly contribute to student success.

Start the year off right by activating your Recreation Services student membership and registering for one of our many programs including intramural sports, instructional programs or student led recreation clubs.

Being active just got easier! Download the Recreation Services mobile app to get convenient access to our schedules and information whenever and wherever you need it. Get the app for free in the App Store or Google Play store.

Recreation Services

  • Fort Garry Campus, Active Living Centre, 430 University Crescent, Phone: 204-474-6100
  • Joe Doupe Recreation Centre, 727 McDermot Avenue, Phone: 204-789-3858

Whether you're studying, headed to class, or socializing on campus, we want you to feel safe.

Our security guards are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of an emergency on campus, Security Services plays a key role in coordinating police, paramedics, firefighters or personnel from the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Code blue poles

You'll find emergency outdoor call stations strategically located in remote areas at the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses (look for the nine-foot poles!). When activated, a blue flashing light alerts everyone nearby and you immediately have two-way communication with the Fort Garry Campus dispatcher.

Emergency red phones and buttons

Red phones posted campus-wide provide a direct link to security. You'll also find red buttons throughout the tunnel system. Activating either will alert Security Services to dispatch a guard to your location.

Safety in numbers

Available on both campuses, the Safewalk Program provides a student patrol member or security guard to accompany you to your destination on campus. They wear specially marked jackets and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange a safewalk, call 204-474-9312, approach a student patrol, or use a code blue pole or red phone.

When travelling

Security Services are here for you even when you're not. Contact us if you face an emergency while away travelling for University-related activities. Call 204-474-9312 or email

Emergency Text (SMS) Notification System

Register your cellphone number to receive text message alerts from the U of M's Emergency Notification System. This information will only be used by the U of M for the purpose of alerting you to an emergency on campus.

Security Services

  • Fort Garry Campus, 423 University Crescent, Phone: 204-474-9312
  • Bannatyne Campus, S105 Medical Services Building, Phone: 204-789-3330


  • Dial 555 on a campus phone
  • Dial #555 on your BellMTS or Rogers Wireless cellphone
  • Dial 204-474-9341

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