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The transition to university studies is an exciting time! You will be engaging in academic learning and experiential opportunities that will help you learn more about what you like, dislike, where your strengths are and how these align with your career ideas. This may solidify your career pathway, lead to some minor changes or create new career ideas you will want to start exploring.

Career Services offers both online and in-person services to support career decision making, job search and assist you in developing a career plan.

  • Learn how to make informed career decisions
  • Explore career possibilities
  • Understand effective job search strategies
  • Create a resumé/CV and cover letter.

Career development is an ongoing process of growth and discovery through life, learning and work experience. Start planning in your first year to maximize opportunities to further your education and transition to the world of work. A team of professional staff and student peers are available to assist, guide and encourage you through your decision making and career planning.

Let us help you gain the skills necessary to manage life-work transitions so you can actively create the life you want to live and do the work you love to do.

Career Services, 474 UMSU University Centre, Phone: 204-474-9456

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