Student Counselling Centre (SCC) Services Helping Students Succeed is Our Goal
University can be an exciting time and provides opportunities for students to grow and develop. Along the way, students may also be confronted with challenges. Many students experience stress and other challenges and it is common for students to seek help for worry, anxiety, depression, relationship problems with family, friends or partners, and career decision-making. The SCC offers a wide variety of services to help students with these and other difficulties and to support their academic and career success. As well, the SCC offers select services to University of Manitoba staff, and students seeking professional counselling training opportunities.

All services are strictly confidential.
Services for University of Manitoba Students

  • Counselling. Professional Counsellors, with a variety of training backgrounds (e.g., Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Work) are available to provide support and problem-solving assistance for emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, etc.), interpersonal problems (e.g., couple counselling, counselling to help graduate students work more effectively with their advisor), stressful life situations and career indecision.
  • Groups and Workshops. Groups and workshops are a great way to work through and take action on questions or challenges you have. We have many different groups and workshops available including groups for anxiety, depression, coping and relationships.
  • Career Inventories. The SCC offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) to help you with your career decision-making and planning. Students interested in either of these inventories should first consult Career Services staff for their career planning needs.

Services for University of Manitoba Staff

  • In addition to providing direct services to students, SCC staff are available to provide referral and consultation to University of Manitoba staff.
  • SCC staff are available to participate in outreach activities on campus, dependent upon availability. For example, guest lecturing in a class, consulting with Residence Advisors to develop/facilitate workshops in residence or assisting a staff member in their interactions with students.
  • Counselling services, groups and workshops, and career inventories are not available to University of Manitoba staff through the SCC. University of Manitoba staff in need of such assistance are encouraged to investigate employee assistance supports and/or consult with community resources. The SCC does not offer services to University of Manitoba Alumni.

Professional Counselling Training Opportunities

  • The SCC provides placements and supervision of students who are pursuing counselling as a profession. Three training opportunities are available:
    • Counselling practicum placements at the Master’s level, primarily intended for University of Manitoba students in a counselling program.
    • Social Work field placement at both the undergraduate and Master’s level, primarily intended for University of Manitoba students in the Faculty of Social Work.
    • Pre-doctoral internship in professional psychology (fully accredited by C.P.A.) intended for students participating in the APPIC match.