Career Planning & Decision Making

Career planning is a life-long process of preparing to make not one, but many decisions to manage your learning, work and personal life. Good career planning requires information about you, the world of work and commitment to taking action. The more you invest in getting to know what opportunities are available and are committed to the process, the smoother your career planning will go.

The best way to choose your career pathway is to start looking at yourself and identifying your career preferences and needs.This means looking at your interests, personality preferences, values, skills, dreams, experiences and more. It all starts with you!

Knowing yourself, exploring options, thoughtful decision making, setting short and long-term goals, and taking the steps to achieve these goals will provide you with a road map for a successful career.

If you are new to career planning, it is recommended that you work through all the activities outlined below. If you have already started your career planning process, look through the activities and select the ones that will help you continue your journey.

Steps of Career Planning

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