Resources for New Immigrants

Immigrate Manitoba
Settlement Checklist - for before and after you arrive in Manitoba


 Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)
CICIC  provides information and referral services to individuals and organizations on the recognition of academic and occupational credentials for working and studying in Canada and abroad 


Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Information for working in Canada 


Manitoba Start
Services to help newcomers prepare for employment in Winnipeg 


Immigrant Centre Manitoba
Employment Services available to immigrants who have been in Canada longer than 3 years, as well as clients with work-permits   


Manitoba Career Development
Career development information for newcomers in Manitoba  


The Status of Women Manitoba
Resource for Immigrant Women  


Alberta Learning Information Service
“Tip Sheets” for Immigrants and Newcomers  


Career Destination Manitoba for Newcomers
Real immigrants share their experiences with immigration, learning English, qualifications recognition, finding employment and building a new life here. 


Success Skills Centre
Offers employment assistance services to immigrant professionals and skilled workers of all ages who want to continue their careers in Manitoba