Volunteer Experience

Volunteering is a great way to try out potential careers and gain career related experience.


  • Gives you a chance to explore a career and see if it’s really for you
  • Allows you to hone skills and gain new ones
  • Looks great on your resumé and provides another reference
  • You may attain valuable career related experience
  • Develops skills to improve career marketability after graduation
  • Can help you establish professional contacts in your chosen field
  • Shows that you are genuinely interested in a certain type of work
  • Explores and broaden interests / career options
  • May be hired on for paid employment or get the inside track on other opportunities in your field
  • It is generally easier to get a volunteer position than a paid position
  • Increases social awareness
  • Helps to develop self-confidence & build independence
  • Helps gain and expand leadership skills
  • Gets you involved in your community 
  • Opportunity to meet new people & make new friends

When looking for a volunteer opportunity, it is important to choose a position that will allow you to gain relevant skills and experience. If you aren’t sure about what type of volunteer opportunity to pursue or how to find positions, talk to a Career Consultant. Listed below are websites that post volunteer opportunities. 

Suggested websites:

In Canada it is common for students to volunteer - both to serve their community and to build skills and experience to increase their employability. 

Consider career-related volunteerism to gain knowledge of your future industry and develop valuable skills. Volunteerism can also be a first step to building Canadian experience.