Sector Councils and Industry Associations

Sector councils and industry associations are excellent resources for industry specific information. These provide everything from labour market reports to job postings to networking opportunities. You might also find a directory of organizations and companies in the field, which is a great starting point for any job search. More than one association or council might apply to you depending on your interests: consider getting a student membership to reap the greatest benefits.

Your specific occupation of interest might also have its own professional association. A list of these and additional industry sector councils and directories will be listed within the specific pages in our Exploring Occupations online library.  You may also wish to do a Google search to discover other relevant associations, societies and councils, including those that align with the region where you wish to work.

* Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  It also includes directories provided by organizations other than sector councils. These are included here as additional resources to support students as they continue to identify potential employers and increase their industry knowledge. 

Broad National & Regional Councils


Business, Finance & Administration 

Accounting, Actuarial & Finance


Marketing & Advertising

Transportation, Trade & Supply Chain


Natural & Applied Sciences

Aerospace & Aviation

Agriculture & Food Science

Engineering, Energy & Environment 

Information Technology

Life Sciences  


Health Care



Education, Law, Social Services and Government




Research Institutes, Policy Institutes & Think Tanks

Social Services & Non-Profit


Arts, Culture, Recreation & Sport

Arts & Culture

Recreation & Sport


Sales & Service


Retail & Grocery


Restaurant & Hotel


Trades & Manufacturing


Trades Training


Page update: March 24, 2020