On Campus Jobs

Many students prefer to work on campus and there are a variety of positions available - from research assistant work to food service and administrative roles. On-campus work and volunteering is also a great way to build connections and community. Here are the main websites that list on-campus job opportunities:

  1. CareerCONNECT posts on-campus and off-campus jobs and volunteer opportunities for students. Register to view postings.
  2. University of Manitoba Human Resources posts jobs of all kinds. Student jobs are typically posted within “Support/Managerial, Sessional Instructor, CUPE/student” or "Research Student Grant-Funded Jobs".
  3. UMSU hires students to work for their office, as well as Degrees Restaurant, The Hub, the Digital Copy Centre, G.P.A.'s Convenience Store and I.Q’s Cafe & Billiards. Check their social media feeds for opportunities (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) or email UMSU to inquire.
  4. Work-Study Program hires students with documented financial need (see the website for eligibility details). Recruitment typically spans from mid-August to early September each year.

Don't forget to access the "hidden job market" - positions that are not advertised and are instead filled through networking. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk to professors! They often hire students whom they are familiar with as grader/markers, teaching assistants, or research assistants.
  • Private businesses and food service areas located on-campus are other potential sources of jobs at the University of Manitoba. If you're interested in finding out more about these employment opportunities, visit the employer directly. Pembina Hall, Conference & Catering, and the Campus Day Care are some other examples of places that may have part-time employment opportunities.

When you're connecting with employers take along a tailored resumé that you created specifically with that job in mind and offer to leave a copy with them.

Career Services offers many job search preparation resources such as workshops, webshops, and online workbooks. Students are also invited to visit during our drop-in times to chat with a Career Consultant for further support.

International students may work part-time on campus and/or
off campus with a valid study permit. It's important to review and understand your specific study permit and the rules set out by the Government of Canada. Visit Career Services' International Student webpage for important links.