Hidden Job Market Resources

The “Hidden Job Market” refers to jobs that are available, but not advertised (on the web, newspaper, job boards – anywhere!). The difficulty with finding unadvertised jobs, is how to find them! A great way to discover opportunities is to contact potential employers in your field. But how do you find employers?

Δ Networking

  • Meeting and speaking with people can help you locate potential job leads and provide useful information
  • The more people you speak to about possible employment the better your chances of finding work
  • Method used most by employers to fill positions but used least by job seekers to find jobs
  • People in your network can include:  friends and family, professors, previous employers, teammates, classmates, potential employers, people in the area you are interested in working, or in other words, basically anyone!
  • Try making contacts within your chosen industry

Δ Associations/Sector Councils

  • An organization of people with a common purpose (eg. an industry or occupational association)
  • Excellent way to meet people in your area through seminars, workshops, trade shows and meetings
  • Membership listings can be used for contacts or locating possible employers
  • Keep abreast of new developments in your area
  • Membership and involvement looks good on your resume – shows employers you are serious about this field
  • Many have websites that provide good information and links to other related websites

        Professional / Industry Associations - for a listing please visit the following websites:
              - Exploring Occupations - listing of professional associations by occupation
              - Manitoba Sector Councils - Manitoba Government list of industry sector councils

Δ Company Directories

  • List information by various means such as geographic location or industry, enabling you to target your area of interest
  • Good source of potential companies/organizations to contact for employment
  • Career Services has directories available for students to access

     Sample Directories:

         Life Sciences Canada Directory by Contact Canada provides a listing of companies represented in the Life Sciences Industry - biotechnology, chemical sciences and beyond!

         211 Manitoba - provides a comprehensive listing of community resources in Manitoba. This community services directory is a great way to look for different social service organizations and lists company names, descriptions, phone numbers, websites and more.

        Government of Canada Directory of Companies - search specialized industry directories to learn about companies that connect with your professional areas of interest.

Δ The Yellow Pages

  • Simply check headings where companies in your area of interest might be listed

Δ Internet Listings

  • Many directories/associations are available on-line for you to locate potential contacts
  • Search for companies by keywords or geographic location
  • Many job search websites provide company information

Δ Specialized Trade or Professional Magazines/Newsletters

  • Provide information on new developments and news in your area
  • Advertisements can help you locate companies

Δ Newspaper Articles/Advertisements

  • News and developments in your field

Δ Volunteering

  • Great way to gain experience and learn about your chosen area
  • Excellent opportunity to make contacts with people in your industry

Δ Mentoring

  • A way to meet with someone who can provide guidance in your career path
  • The Career Mentor Program, offered at Career Services, allows students to meet with someone in an occupation to ask questions and gain insight into an industry.

Using the above sources, you should be able to make an extensive list of potential employers.