Personal Attributes / Personality

Your personal style or personality traits are a collection of distinct traits and characteristics that define you and make you unique. Knowing your personal style and aligning this to a career direction is a key factor to happiness and success in work/life. Know that you can and will be required to work outside of your personal style, but if you create your career pathway with your personality in mind you are more likely to find a work environment where you can be yourself.

Tools to help you identify and use your personal style:

To help you start identifying your personal attributes and personality, use the checklists (external resources) listed below.  Think about how you and others would describe who you are.

Attributes List (PDF) (page 15 of Manitoba Career Development A Guide to Planning Your Career) Created by writers of the popular personality book Do What You Are.

Online Assessments: (External Resources)

Need more information? Consider completing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is an in-depth personality inventory used extensively to help with career planning and will provide you with greater insight into your personality preferences and also specific career recommendations. Contact Career Services to obtain additional information on this assessment tool.

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