Learning Experiences: Education Background & Learning Style

When you are career planning it is important to reflect on your educational experiences and learning styles. We all have different learning styles or learning preferences. Understanding your learning preferences will allow you to align training options that are congruent with how you learn best and will improve your learning experience. 

Use one of the following tools to better understand your learning style: (External Resources)

Think about your subject preferences, this coupled with everything else you have learned can also lead you in a career direction. Think about the course content; were you excited about your learning? If you are unsure of what a particular subject is about but it seems interesting, review the course calendar, review some of the required reading to gain additional insight and consider sampling courses strategically within a career context. This may help you to determine more quickly an appropriate career and educational path.

For information on how certain subjects relate to careers, visit Career Cruising. (Contact Career Services for password information)

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