Career Imagery Activity

Career imagery activities are usually done by having someone read instructions while you relax, close your eyes and focus on the task. Some of you may want to get someone in your life to do this with you or you can simply read the following instructions and think about them one-by-one or in their entirety at the end. Try to not picture a specific type of work (i.e., job title) as you do this.

  • You will be working to picture things in your mind. Let your mind wander and try not to go through this too quickly.
  • Closing your eyes as you imagine your future may help you in developing ideas.
  • Start by taking a few minutes to focus by closing your eyes and taking some deep breathes. Get yourself comfortable.
  • Go 10 years into your future. You are just waking up and it is Monday morning. What are your surroundings? Are you in bed alone or with someone? What does your room look like? How does it compare to your space right now?
  • You get out of bed and get ready for work. Do you have to shower for work? What kind of clothes do you put on (a suit, casual clothes, maybe even jeans)? You go into the kitchen to grab breakfast. Are you in a hurry? What are you eating?
  • Are you travelling to work or do you do work at home? If you’re working away from home, how are you getting there? Are you taking the bus, a subway, a bicycle or a car? Are you walking? If driving, what type of vehicle are you taking? If you’re working at home, where in the house/home are you working?
  • You’re at your workplace. What does it look like? What are the surroundings? Are you indoors or outdoors? Are there other people around? If so, are they co-workers, clientele or both? If you are outdoors, what does the area look like? Is it crowded? If you are indoors, what kind of structure are you in? Are you in a shop or a store or business? Do you have an office? A cubicle? Is the building large? Small?
  • You begin to do your work. What are you doing? Are you working with people, machines, ideas, computers? Are you planning something, organizing things, fixing something, putting something together? Are you writing, talking to people, sitting in meetings, leading a team, reading?
  • It’s time for lunch. Did you bring something for lunch? Do you need to go out and get something to eat? Are you eating by yourself or with other people? Are you rushing through your meal to get back to work or are you leisurely taking your time?
  • You’re back at work. Are you doing anything different from the first half of the day? Do you have any additional activities that are part of your job?
  • Now your work day is over. Do you take work home? Can you leave your work “behind?” Are your days pretty much the same? How much do they change from day to day?


  • Did you learn anything about your work preferences?
  • If difficult, what do you think made it difficult?
  • How does your imagined work situation connect to your career needs (i.e., interests, values, personality, etc.)?