Effective Research for Career Planning

Career decisions can be very complicated. Knowing oneself and developing career planning goals is often a first step. However, when it comes to learning about occupations, options are abound and it is sometimes difficult to identify them all and then gather current information to aid in decisions. Below are some tried and tested resources for researching occupations.

University of Manitoba students are invited to visit Career Services. Resources in the centre and Career Services staff are available Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

In House Resources:

Students and guests can visit Career Services, 474 University Centre, to:

  • Peruse more than 250 occupational files and career themed books in our career library
  • Access hundreds of career planning and job search guides
  • Search educational directories and calendars for great options or visit our “Exploring Educational Options” webpage
  • Read business magazines and employer directories

Career Mentor Program - Informational interviewing, and meeting with dedicated professionals to explore occupations, is a proven and effective method for gathering information. University of Manitoba students can set up informational interviews through the Career Mentor Program. For more information, drop by the Career Service at 474 University Centre or visit the program website.

Learn more about upcoming events, job postings & volunteer opportunities via our Career Connect portal.

Our Favourite Online Resources:

Great occupational information can be gathered from a variety of online sources. In addition to the resources below, search for Collective Bargaining Agreements to learn salary information for certain jobs and organizations. You can also use sites like LinkedIn to learn about the variety of positions and people in different industries, along with the experiences and education that have been part of their career paths.

National Occupational Classification - This resource provides a standardized framework for organizing the world of work in Canada. Essentially, this is the Canadian encyclopedia of occupational options.

Exploring Occupations - University of Manitoba Career Services maintains this internationally acclaimed on-line career library. Occupational profiles include occupational descriptions, labour market conditions, North American educational options and relevant industry and occupational links.

Career Compass program guides help U of M students to simultaneously plan their academic coursework, career-related experiences and cultural opportunities. It's predecessor resource: What Can I Do with a Degree in….? may provide reference sheets in the interim while new Career Compass guides are being developed.

Working in Canada - The site can assist individuals who are searching for work and seeking labour market information for specific regions and cities

Occupational Outlook Handbook - This U.S. occupational directory includes national and state-specific career and job market information.

Manitoba Sector Councils & Industry Associations - Sector Councils are dedicated human resource development/training organizations that bring together representatives from key stakeholder groups to address changing competitive needs.

Alberta Learning & Information Service - OCCinfo - This website describes 500 occupations, including information on specializations within occupations. It also features 208 career videos.

O*NET Online - This U.S. website provides extensive detail about occupations according to tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, values and other factors.

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials - This site includes a comprehensive list of professional associations and includes information for new immigrants.

Career Cruising - Please contact us at 474-9456 for the Username and Password. Each occupational profile includes career information, interviews with local professionals and links to current job postings.