Career Services

Career Services
474 University Centre
65 Chancellors Circle
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-9456
Fax: 204-474-7516

Gail Langlais 204-474-9851 Director, Career Services
Administrative Staff
Chantal Hofer 204-474-6840 Assistant to the Director
Maureen Campbell 204-474-9456 Reception
Zachary LeClerc
204-474-8284 Outreach Specialist
Student Engagement & Success
Career Consultants / Career Advisors
Connie Korchak 204-474-6580 Career Consultant
Elizabeth Boyle 204-474-6706 Senior Career Consultant
Harpreet Dade 204-474-8103 Career Consultant, Bannatyne & Fort Garry Campuses
Lasha Stordeur 204-474-8667 Career Advisor & Career Mentor Program Coordinator
Lindsey Hiebert 204-474-6580 Career Consultant
Lisa MacPherson 204-474-8629 Career Consultant
Maria Dielmann 204-474-7412 Career Consultant & Co-operative Education Liaison
Rebecca Balakrishnan 204-474-8970 Career Consultant & Work-Study Supervisor
Trevor Lehmann 204-474-9059 Career Consultant