Senior Students

Students are not required to pay any fees if they are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents and are 65 years of age by September 1 for courses taken in the Fall Term or May 1 for courses taken during the summer term. All application and tuition fees will be waived including course, student union, and associated fees. Please note that books and supply costs will still apply.

Application Process
Although most of your costs are waived as a Senior Student, you are still required to submit an application form and meet entrance requirements. Please refer to the program requirements for your desired program for more information.

Please read through the following choices for recommendations on how you should apply:

  • If you wish to gain credit for all your courses and possibly obtain a degree, apply as a regular or Mature Status applicant.
  • If you would like to take a few courses for credit but not obtain a degree, apply as a Special Student. You will be graded and exams and assignments will be required.
  • If you would like to take courses only for personal interest-no exams or assignments, apply as an Auditing Student.

Required Documents

  • Proof of Age
  • Other documentation may be required depending on your academic goals.

Note: Proof of citizenship or Permanent Residence status and demonstration of proficiency in the use of the English language may be required for applicant born outside of Canada.