University 1
Faculty of Science

Program description

University 1 offers the unique opportunity for students to plan for one or more target degree programs during their first year of university. University 1 is designed to meet the needs of students who are not sure which program they are going to pursue as well as students who are seeking advanced entry to a specific program. This allows students to design their schedule to meet the admission and/or first year course requirements of their target program(s).

If students are not yet sure which specific degree path is right for them, they have the flexibility to explore a variety of subject areas while in University 1. All of the courses that a student takes in University 1 can become part of a student's degree program. The program assists students transitioning from high school to university by providing a large support network for first year students in adapting to university life and academic expectations. 

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Although there are not specific courses required for U1, students may have the opportunity to take some of these interesting courses and many more.

  • Introduction to University
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Human Origins and Antiquity
  • Film History
  • Design Engineering
  • The Dynamic Earth
  • Concepts of Recreation and Leisure
  • Mathematics in Art      

Admission Requirements

Visit the University 1 application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The First Year Planning Guide is an online resource to help guide students through decisions about first year course selection and degree planning.

  • The majority of students at the U of M begin their first year of studies in University 1.
  • Students who complete 24 to 30 credit hours of coursework while in University 1 will be eligible to transit to the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science.
  • The First 6 Weeks Program is a week by week introduction to academic skills and services that help students adjust to university life.
  • The Next 6 Weeks Program is a week by week continuation of the First 6 Weeks Program that continues to help students become acquainted with university life, preparing them to begin looking and planning ahead.
  • Registration and Academic Advisors provide students with specialized support and guidance in:
    • Resources and referrals
    • Decisions about course selection and degree planning
    • Progress
    • Goal setting
    • University policies and procedures
    • Challenges or difficulties that affect a student's studies   

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